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Proudly to be the very first Khmer style restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Con Ga Trong is absolutely a wonderful choice you that wish not to skip.

Con Ga Trong has successfully brought out the picture of a typical Vietnamese countryside village at first impression. The Khmer- themed design of decoration is artfully transformed to atmosphere of the place through every single detail. From the open green garden with those bamboo hedges and pandanus palms bush next to that old water jar or its mini size version as creative drink containers to the antique four- faced Buddha statue accompanied by the flowered tiles adapted from the late 1990s,… all together with appetizing menu perfectly combine and create such a distinguishing retro Khmer cuisine place to eat right in the heart of a crowded Saigon. So fittingly and harmoniously!

The Con Ga Trong first opened on 15th February 2012 in Saigon.

The taste of KHMER in the heart of the city.

Uniquely spicy and sour is one distinguishing feature of Khmer food along with the custom to use mixed spices when cooking. Con Ga Trong will bring you the best authentic Khmer food experience. With the same typical ingredients such as ginger, red chili, garlic, curcuma, galangal…etc. our team of brilliant chefs has put on a brand new “outfit” for those traditional recipes to wake up your senses, helping you to have good appetite. In other words, the familiar has never been that unfamiliar… in a fantastic way!

We not only desire to bring you good dishes but would also like to introduce you to the food culture of Khmer people: Eating is curing. Khmer women have used herbs collected in the woods as natural healthcare treatment for generations. Our signature herbal drinks will surely surprise you with a fresh taste which has always helped to chill Vietnamese people on those sweating hot summer days.

Among the appealing options in our menu, Grilled Chicken is a must-try for its special cooking process. The chicken meat is marinated with spices from inside out to help savor the meat and make it crispy at the same time. The exclusive sauce made from lime, lemongrass and saw- tooth herb once again will level up the flavor. The side dish of sticky rice with different flavors served along with main food is another extra point: Purple, Pandanus, white or Gac is up to your call. Sticky rice is carefully cooked from glutinous rice, wrapped with food film and put in a rattan handicraft container to preserve its best to be ready for your meal.

Con Ga Trong restaurant not only focus on the look but also the quality of every dish we serve. Remember those beautiful ceramic plate with sophisticated decoration comes with just a tiny piece of meat right in the middle? We have something much better: How about the right quantity added the touch of true beauty from the look to the taste? Despite it is your overtime brunch or a late dinner, we promise to bring out your best appetite at all times.

Softdrink & Beer

  • Dasani mineral water
  • Lavie mineral watet
  • Coke bottle
  • Fanta orange bottle
  • Sprite bottle
  • Chuong Duong sarsi bottle
  • Diet coke (can)
  • Soda Schwepper (can)
  • Soda lemonnade
  • Red Saigon special
  • Special bottle
  • Tiger bottle
  • Tiger Crystal
  • Heineken (bottle)
  • Heineken (can)
  • Beer 333 (can)
  • Wet tissue



h o t l i n e : 0 9 0 3 9 9 9 9 6 9

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Please call for reservations: +84-90-399-9969

by Quán Con Gà Trống

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Con gà Trống by Khmer

342 Vo Van Kiet Blvd, Co Giang Ward, Dictrict 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Booking: 0903 999 969

Con gà Trống Garden 1

39 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ben Nghe Ward, Dictrict 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

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01 Tien Giang Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh Dictrict, Ho Chi Minh City.

Tel: (08) 62 634 634

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2nd Floor Lot S8-S9, AEON Mall, Bình Dương Canary.
Canary Complex, Binh Duong Blvd, Bình Hoa Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province.

Tel: (0650) 626 0000

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